• Winterstations

    2017 Competition

    Winter Stations is an annual international design competition bringing temporary public art installations to Toronto Beaches, exhibited to celebrate Toronto's winter waterfront landscape. Responding to this year’s theme “catalyst”, our design intends to communicate through simple geometrical language and primary colours and forms. The integral philosophy behind the installation is to bring together people of the community from different ages and backgrounds to one of the most basic forms of play in every culture and across generations: a seesaw. In our adaptation of the concept one person by seating on one side affords the other(s) to climb to the top of the piece through a balancing act of movement and synchronization.

    It is to create interactions with the work through touching, jumping and seating but more importantly between individuals by fostering a sense of support and acting as catalysts to raise one another up to a higher level of vantage point. The fresh interpretation of the traditional concept intends to open the minds of the visitors to the notion of community as catalyst for change. The geometrical forms and scale of the colorful pieces along with the fun collective experience encourage visitors to also share their experience via social media and making meaningful impact.