• Interact for Nespresso


    Interact is a design proposal for Grand Cru-ation, a Design Exchange competition presented by Nespresso.

    The logo references a combination of ideas central to the premise of the competition. The temporary installation attempts to engage the public on several levels while enhancing the image of the brand by demonstrating good environmental stewardship; The passersby will be afforded opportunities to interact with the structure through features that come in handy during a small coffee break - hooks for handbags, playful removable seats and small shelves to hold miscellaneous items like books, newspapers or mobile devices – but also between themselves during the break by fostering conversation through proximity while using the structure.

    The design is inspired by the grid pattern of the perforations indented on the front face of a used Nespresso capsule. It is interpreted through a traditional pegboard with rods for support of seat and shelf elements. Constructed of recycled aluminum, It is clad in two contrasting skins – the inner skin is a solid sheet with a darker colour providing a backdrop to the perforated outer skin that provides the visual interest. Support rods for seating, shelf and hook elements penetrate the two skins and are securely attached to the structural frame for safety. Folded aluminum elements make up the removable shelf and seat elements, factory-finished with Nespresso capsule colours.