• Mixed Use Development

    Residential Commercial Retail

    This proposal utilizes an actual challenging, sloping site in the City of Halifax to demonstrate Ten-2-Four Architecture’s capability of tackling a complex, large-scale multi-faceted mixed-use project with a varied program in an urban setting. The mixed-use project comprises residential and commercial uses juxtaposed cleverly between two main streets and clearly delineated by use on their respective frontages. The lower street (Grafton) has a commercial/retail use at ground level with office uses and work studios on the upper levels. The human-centric project is a confluence of ideas that have their focus on creating a unified sense of place where a liveable residential environment is complimented by commercial, retail and office uses with provisions for a children’s day care and supermarket uses.

    The variety of residential unit types – one bedroom units, two bedroom units, three bedroom units, studio apartments and bachelor units speak to a diversified mix within building scales that do not alienate but instead seek to encourage interaction with the outdoor amenities (water feature, small parks at both lower and upper levels of the site and a pedestrian walkway with seating areas traversing the length of the site and serving the residential units).